Beryl Ductwork Remodel

Posted by keith

Ted, Below are Current and Remodel Floorplans in PDF form which you can download and review. They are in 1/8" scale with "ideas" for new Spiral Duct Layout. Green -8", Yellow 6", Red 4". I did not do much calculations to determine that. I did some CFM research but that is your area of expertise.

  • Replace existing rectangle ductwork with Sprial / Oval if needed for trunk.
  • Proper airflow
  • Make it architecturally pleasing without overcomplicating the layout.

  1. Click for Current Handler & Duct Info
  2. Click for Current Floorplan pdf
  3. Click for Remodel Floorplan v1 - ideas pdf
  4. Click for Remodel Floorplan v2 - ideas pdf

My ideas above are just that, ideas. I did not spend a terrible amount of time on them. There are some contraints. First that the 2 new openings in the loadbearing wall cannot have the ductwork  

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