Website Templates

Enkode encourages the use of website templates in professional web design. To understand the templates role we can compare it as a blue print for a house. One option is to pay for many expensive man hours alongside an architect to design a house to your specifications to create the blue prints. Another option would be to search the web for digital blue prints and have them altered by an architect to your specifications. Both solutions will get you to the same end result, one will be much more expesive in both your time and money. We are willing to take either route in developing your site.

What is a Website Template?

A Web Template is a ready-made website design that will allow us to create high-quality website in a fraction of the time. The primary reasons for using templates are speed and cost. In a nutshell web templates offer a lot of variety in both style and presentation, with all the nitty gritty problems already solved.

Web Templates Speed the Process of Website Design

The most time consuming part of the process (of web design) is during the initial design phase where the client and web designer go back and forth trying to come up with the look the client wants. This increases cost more than you would like to think.

Website Templates Drastically Reduce Cost

Using templates allows you to purchase a world-class website without having to pay the high dollar cost that is usually associated with a that level of design. By reducing the time associated with the design you will save a lot time on your end working with Enkode and reduce the hours required to finish the design.

Templates Increase Customization and Functionality

With the budget of the design cut by almost 70% the design budget can then be applied to more functionality and true customization. Do not beleive that using a template means there are going to be hundreds of sites on web that will have the same look as yours. A template is just the start, your logo, your colors, your content, your images will be customized into the template to give your website a unique and customized look. View the templates I have used below, and find your template with these website template links.

Flash Templates

Although entire Flash Sites are quite sexy they are more costly to build and they are not SEO compatible. It take much longer to edit, design, and maintain a flash site because it is based on movies and symbols versus an HTML web site designed with ASP.Net. An HTML site is designed strictly with text and images and is more simple to create and modify. The HTML is also SEO friendly, meaning the search bots are able to parse your site, pull out keywords and rank them in thier search engine. It is best to design with HTML and include Flash elements. When searching for a Template be on the look out for Flash templates and be aware of this extra expense. Most Flash Templates come with an HTML version that can be modifed easily and Enkode care integrate the Flash elements into it. Here is a list of site's to find quality and inexpensive templates.
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