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Posted by keith
Need to get a .io domain registered. Nic.io is overpriced try NameCheap.com for best prices and a user friendly registration experience. The popular domain for internet startups and personal sites is now seen as a generic country code top-level domain or short "gccTLD" by Google. This means you can target your site at a specific geographical audience such as the USA or UK in Google Webmaster Tools (full list of generic country code extensions). We've been advocating for this change since last year and are happy the search engine giant finally listened. Thank-you for that Google! Starting today, the .io registry NameCheap.com also switched to a different registry back-end allowing faster domain modifications and transfers between registrars. It is now using the standardized auth code procedure that you might know from .com, .net or .org domains already. Please note that this means .io domain transfers are no longer free of charge but will be extended for another year upon successful transfer without losing any previously paid term. As big fans of NameCheap.com we'd like to celebrate these awesome news with a special .io domain sale. All new registrations are only $78.00 USD. I could not get my Enkode.com and since .io domain names are popping up in all the latest startup and technology sites I decided to register Enkode.io and it found the best prices at NameCheap.com. Happy domain hunting!

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