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"When we were looking for a firm to develop our online assessment portal http://www.myskillmap.com we interviewed several large Web/IT consulting companies, a few independent web designers, and even a company based in India with a good reputation and great pricing. We even initially gave the project to the India firm, but after two months it was clear we had made an error. So we pulled the plug and went searching again. The project was complex, multi-faceted (both web design and significant database programming work) and our budget was tight. Keith Fimreite and Enkode turned out to be a fantastic resource for us. The projetc was ultimately delivered on time, on budget (even factoring in the money lost to India) and the assessment portal has become a powerful tool for our corporate training clients. Keith is first and foremost a problem solver. I've never heard him say "It can't be done" and we've thrown him some pretty serious curve balls. After three years spent working with Keith on several projects, he has become Frontline Learning's "go to" guy for virtually any web-based project. I give Keith my strongest possible reccomendation. What I have been most impressed with is that Keith doesn't just execute a Statement of Work - he analyzes the project, ensure he understands the business objectives, makes good reccomendations for improvement and enhanced functionality, and ultimately makes us look good to our own clients. Bottom line - best guy I know in the business. Hire him. Now."

Dan Rust - Frontline Learning
April 21, 2010

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